Mission and Vision


At Palm View, our belief in God and His sovereignty is the foundation of everything we value and trust. God’s Word has preeminence in our lives and is the foundation for everything we do both as a church and as individual parts of the Body of Christ. Belief in God is the first step to becoming adopted into the family of God. 


However, belief alone is not where the process ends. Belief leads to belong. At Palm View, we desire that through our commitment to God’s Word, we foster an environment where you want to belong. In turn, our church will be a place you can call home. Once we are adopted into the family of God, we belong to Christ. Just as believing leads to belonging, together, they lead to…


Becoming! Believing leads to belonging, and belonging leads to becoming. At Palm View, our purpose is to guide individuals to become passionately devoted followers of Christ and servants of God carrying out His work. The goal of our church is to facilitate our families to become Disciples of Christ.